Ford Branded Front Seat Cover/Protector

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Saving your interior from the everyday detritus of dirt, grease, dog hair, drinks and food. Problem is, although seat covers score very highly on the functional and practical scale, very few are designed to work properly with the current raft of side airbag seats. In fact, certain designs can actually stop them deploying effectively, leading to possibly catastrophic consequences.

Leading accessory manufacturer Richbrook has addressed this important problem by designing an incredibly hard wearing and waterproof cover that not only looks and performs the part, but also allows all known SRS systems to work as they should, protecting the occupants as well as the upholstery.

The Richbrook/Ford seat cover uses Lycra stretch panels on both sides to make for a more snug ‘tailored’ look and usefully, the tough wipe-clean fabric also covers the entire seat back, right to the base, meaning that if any junior rear seat passengers fancy doing their own rendition of ‘Riverdance’ behind you, they won’t be leaving any footprints on your treasured fabric. Best of all, the backrest section features a ‘Rigitube’ insert which precisely fits into the gap between it and the seat squab, allowing the cover to precisely follow the seat contours and making for a supremely comfortable perch.

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