Ford Aerial


Our talented designers have created yet another understated masterpiece for our Official Ford Collections; a low profile, high quality roof aerial.

The new part comes branded with the famous oval logo and offers a unique set of features that allow fitting to almost every model in the Ford range that came with a roof mount as standard.

It is supplied with a range of different sized thread attachments, so will fit every factory base mount, irrespective of model or year.

Best of all, also included is a slim-line spanner that fits on a hidden flatted face within the recess on the aerial, allowing it to be tightened up as a theft deterrent.

So, if you’re the kind of person that likes a great reception wherever they go, treat yourself to one of these. It’s form and function in one perfectly styled package!

Please note that FM reception may be affected in certain areas.

This is an official Ford licensed product.

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Weight 13.608 kg


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